David DeMarco

David DeMarco refers to himself as a "Resurgence Man.” One that is passionate about revival, restoration, and reinvention. From a small town in northern Pittsburgh, David grew up a pastor’s kid learning about the importance of ministry and music; education and athletics; and friendship and leadership. He was among those that pioneered the modern worship movement at the grass roots level. As an artist, he has led worship on both the smallest and largest stages, serving alongside well-known and unknown ministries. He has released 16 albums and worked with Grammy Award winners, Hollywood actors, & professional athletes. He has coached football at almost every level and has helped artists, athletes, and ministers locate and develop themselves from their deepest joy.

With degrees in history, education and theology, David also holds a Master's in Organizational Leadership and is a Master Certified Life Coach. He has served churches, ministries, teams, and organizations for over 30 years, inspiring internal change for external and eternal impact. A proud father of three young adult children, who are all on the mission field, David continues to inspire others to shift paradigms, change cultures, and challenge traditions to make way for the move of God. More than an artist, a minister, teacher, or coach, David celebrates most of all being a father and a friend.